by David Fellerman December 28, 2016


Its very confusing and often frustrating being an artist; Why? because everywhere you look you see things you want to capture and try to recreate in some way or other.  I see images and faces everywhere i look, in all kinds of strange places; what does that mean? do i possess a third eye, another sense of some kind; an invisible yet potent vision of things, that others do not see as they are less tuned into their surroundings.
I have had that ability all of my life, to see things in people and entities which drives my curiosity and artistic nature.
I am thus grateful to almighty God for the gift of art, and the ability to string some words together in poetic form. I write a poem for all my paintings and each piece of artwork i create; here is a sample of such a poem, written for the piece of art entitled LADY MAN; the poem seeks to capture the thoughts, pain and suffering of a trans-sexual person. I do hope you like the painting in my on line gallery and this poem which exemplifies same.


Lady man lady man, who am I?
man or lady, born to cry,
nice for you to stare and jest,
I’m same as you, and the rest.

I’m both, I’m two, I’m double me,
I’m  twins inside and out you see,
I’m nature’s way of showing you
God’s creations loved and true.

Come the day you start to see,
all the pain inside of me,
the living hell that I endure,
just being me, but I want more.

I’m you, I’m me, I’m just the same,
you’re the picture , I’m the frame,
you’re the hand and I’m the glove,
I want respect, I need your love,

Live your life the best you can,
I’m both the lady and the man,
come the day we all must go,
I’ll meet my maker, he will know. 

David Fellerman – June 12 2016


David Fellerman
David Fellerman


David is an artist of exceptional talent; a poet as well as a consummate painter his surreal ideas and painted imaginary faces reflect both the ugliness horror and depressive qualities of the world we live in, whilst humorously touching upon the laughable values of it all. David does not take himself or the world seriously, which is probably why his popularity will continue to grow and the value of his work increase, which is exactly what he least expects will happen or even aspires to. David paints and writes almost incessantly as though on a personal journey of discovery and adventure. When requiring time to rest he will often walk the beach in Netanya in all weathers, which he says restores the body and mind and settles the soul.