HAMILTON - From $316.00

The inspiration for this acrylic painting is from seeing the amazing musical show of the same name on a recent visit to London. Words can not express how magnificent a production the show is. We were fortunate enough to obtain wonderful seats from our great  friend Julian Reeve, Musical Director of the American Touring Production of Hamilton. Immediately we saw the show we waxed lyrical about its creative ingenuity on every level, after which Julian  commissioned this painting. I am pleased to advise that you can now buy a superbly hand embellished, limited edition canvas print. As you will see in the picture herewith the original is now ensconced comfortably in Julian's California home, gracing the perfect wall space above his iconic keyboard; i trust it will bring Julian and his beautiful wife Lisa much happiness and joy for many years to come and perhaps on occasions remind them of their artist poet pal kicking up the sand on sun drenched beaches of Netanya in Israel, when not painting and composing new poetry for his future illustrated book.
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